Scandalous Suffragist SkullduggeryCambridge Vintage Mystery Theatre produces original mystery dramas with live “foley” sound effects in the style of classic old time radio plays that incorporating true stories of women’s empowerment in Cambridge, the U.S., and world history. Each play debuts with a live performance at Cambridge Community Television as part of Cambridge Open Studios.

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Listen to archived performances:

  • The Bletchley Park Enigma Caper (2011)
  • LATEST The Ominous Otherworldly Oddfellows Occurences (2016)
  • The Perplexing Public Paintings Puzzle (2011)
  • The Scandalous Suffragist Skelluduggery (2013)
  • The Sinister Seance Swindle Scenario (2011)
  • The Vexatious Vanishing Vaudeville Villainy (2015)